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Best Gift Shop in South Jersey

A Hidden Treasure awaits – nestled into the Beautiful Downtown Haddonfield, NJ…

IMG_20150109_133801There are plenty of gift shops in NJ — and most of them have the same touristy items seen over and over again. These types of shops may serve a purpose, but are they really what you want from a gift shop? If not, you’re with me! I’m Amanda Tancredi, owner of Amixx Boutique. I can’t speak for all the gift shops in NJ, but I feel like Amixx takes gift shopping to a whole new level! Finally, a personalized gift shop just for you – where you can find a gift for any occasion! Need a baby gift? Wedding gift? A birthday gift for your daughter’s friend? And, wait, what about your friend, too?! Don’t worry -we’ve got it all covered under on roof! The ultimate one-stop gift shop, offering complimentary gift wrapping all year ’round!

What Sets Us Apart?
At Amixx Boutique, we understand the importance of accessorizing. I am constantly looking for the right pieces to accessorize my lifestyle. My mom would always say to me, “Accessories can make or break an outfit”. Whether it be on one’s self, at home, at work or at school; it is the ultimate way to express your personality! Most people don’t realize how accessories effect their entire world. From how they want to decorate their kitchen to how they want to decorate themselves! It has always been my life’s passion and now my life’s passion is to share what I’ve learned with you! My goal is to bring the hottest new trends to my customers to enhance their gift-giving experiences and make them feel good about themselves.

I wanted to not only create a store that offered the perfect accessories but also create a one-stop gift shop. Amixx Boutique is a unique, eclectic array of gifts. I believe gift-giving is a wonderful thing that does not only have to happen on special occasions but when a piece actually speaks to you! You know what I am talking about- that moment when you see something, or read something, in a store and then smile and think to yourself, “I have to buy this for so-and-so”. This is the experience I want to give to my customers. Being an avid shopper myself, I realized it was rare to find this “A-ha!” moment, a place where you can find that special piece that speaks to you. So, come. Be dazzled and amazed. Come find what speaks to you!

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