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My mom, sister and I, Sending Kisses to the Troops last year during Fashion Week in NYC. (From Left to Right: Amanda, Tracey, Bianca)

“My mom, sister and I, Sending Kisses to the Troops during New York Fashion Week.” – Amanda 
(From Left to Right: Amanda Tancredi, Tracey Tancredi, Bianca Tancredi)

Amixx Boutique was Founded by Amanda Tancredi in September of 2012.

Amixx Boutique was founded for a few different reasons. Firstly, her genuine passion for gift-giving. Amanda loves finding special, unique gifts for people, whether it be for a specific occasion or just to brighten their day. The feeling you get when an item speaks to you and you know right at that moment who you need to have it for is irreplaceable! However, she came to the realization that these “A-ha!” moments are far and few in between. Amixx Boutique has a wondrous eclectic mixture of sparkle and bling with a touch of vintage-inspired sophistication to bring their customer’s that “A-ha!” moment! You MUST come in to see for yourself!

Secondly, Amanda always had a passion for fashion and keeping up with the latest trends. As a result she was taught by her mother that accessories were the key to any glamorous outfit! She would always say, “accessories can make or break an outfit!!”. Accessories are also the ultimate way to express one’s personality and, at Amixx Boutique, their goal is to bring the hottest new trends and classics to their customers at an affordable price. You will walk out of there looking and feeing like a million bucks without spending a fortune.

Lastly, but certainly not least, Amanda’s love of people. She believes that is a main component in owning a small business– your customers. She loves building relationships with her customers and the feeling she gets when she sees them wearing something from her store! She especially loves when they come back in just to tell her someone “LOVED their gift” or “LOVED the earrings they wore to that wedding last Saturday”. And, most importantly her love for all of the children from town that come into the store and the relationships she’s built with them. “That is the magic of being apart of such a beautiful small town, the kids have their freedom to walk up to the shops right after school, I remember being able to do that myself at that age and how some of the store owners impacted my life. I never imagined I would be in that role one day and I love every second of it!”- Owner, Amanda Tancredi

A Shopping Experience
Amixx is not just a store, it is a shopping experience. Amanda’s Grandma used to tell her how important it was to pay attention to the details — and she paid attention to her. Amixx Boutique offers all the details to make your shopping experience special — from Gift Wrapping (FREE with purchase) to pre-wrapped Gift Baskets to Special Promos and Events for all ages, and more!

At Amixx Boutique, you will get your own personal shopping experience every time!

Directions and Parking
The only downside to Amixx – our gift shop can be hard to find. Tell your GPS to bring you to the intersection of Centre and Ellis. Then, you’re almost there! Just look for the Gazebo, and then our signature purple butterfly (on our sign). That’s us! You will be able to find parking in the lot located behind the store or on the street. If you are not interested in parking meters  – GOOD NEWS! Parking is FREE at the Patco Station on the weekends and is only a few blocks away!

The map below will also help you find us! Look for CVS and Starbucks :)