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Gift Shop near Blackwood, NJ 08012

Amixx Gift Shop Gift near Blackwood, NJ 08012: Find the Perfect Accessory — or Three

Amixx Gift Boutique near Blackwood, NJ is the perfect place to find a gift for the eccentric, exotic, and lovable people in your life. Amanda Tancredi, owner and proprietor, has a passion for fashion and an eye for accessories. She started Amixx because accessorizing, as her mother always said “makes or breaks your look.”

Amixx Boutique has the accessories you need to polish your panache at school, at work, or even just lounging around at home. Accessorizing is the ultimate way to express your personality, and Amixx brings you the hottest new accessories every season, at a price that makes a million-dollar look affordable no matter what your income.

Why Accessorize?

There are only two ways to take your look from business to night life. One is to change clothes. The other is to choose your outfit wisely and use accessories that can take you from one phase to the next with just a few moments’ adjustment. In short, accessorizing wisely can save you half an hour of time every day and hundreds of dollars in clothing — how can you turn down a deal like that?

Gifts Are Trendy, Too

But Amixx isn’t all about the accessories; it is one of the premier Gift boutiques in NJ, after all. “We wanted to create a “one-stop” gift shop to fit everyone’s needs,” says Tancredi. “It’s not just about accessorizing your own needs, but the needs of others as well; we have a gift for every occasion – hostess, bridal, baby shower, newborn – all ages, all occasions!”

Amixx Is Different

Where else are you going to go to find a truly unique and awesome gift for the unique people in your life — the mall? Guess what? It has the same seventeen hundred items that were there the last time you patrolled its clinical corridors, and they didn’t speak to you last time, either. Amixx has a constantly-changing blend of one-of-a-kind gifts that do speak — and we carry a variety that will say everything from “well I’m definitely not what you want” to “TAKE ME HOME NOW!!” We’ll even gift-wrap anything you purchase right there at the register — for free.

Everything about Amixx Boutique gift shop near Blackwood, NJ is personal, and personalized for you. Just head over to the corner of Centre and Ellis, and look for the purple butterfly — we’ll be waiting!