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“Frozen” Movie Night, Kings Court


Amixx Boutique loves a good party !! We offer a wide range of activities from Arts&Crafts night for the kids to Girl’s Night Out for the ladies.  We will also post events throughout Downtown Haddonfield and events through Haddonfield Social which ranges from Movie Nights in  Kings Court to Toy Drives to much, much more!


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Amanda Tancredi and Nick Capaldi


*Haddonfield Social was founded by Amanda Tancredi, Owner of Amixx Boutique and Nick Capaldi, co-owner of Marie’s Sandwich Bar. Haddonfield Social’s goal is to promote Downtown Haddonfield through various charitable events to allow the youth of the community to experience all the town has to offer. Downtown Haddonfield has a lot of beautiful history. It has an exceptionally unique, timeless atmosphere that we want to keep relevant for our youth to appreciate.









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